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Tommy Muir, MA

Certified Mental Performance Consultant®

administered by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) 

Tommy has always seen the innate potential within people. The ability to accomplish what they dream of, but sadly for some, do not believe capable. He is driven to help people realize the innate potential within, so they are able to actualize their dreams and be more. This is where his passion lies. When they are more, collectively we are all more. Tommy stops at nothing to help people in their quest to be more. Tommy cares. He always will.

Tommy is a highly driven and dynamic individual. From his time in the Marine Corps as an infantry officer through his work within mental performance, he has a plethora of experience in coaching, developing, mentoring, and leading individuals through a vast array of disciplines and endeavors. He is a competitive endurance athlete who enjoys new experiences and he strives to be a life long learner.

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