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Our reach and impact expand well beyond our present ability to conceive them. We do something, and it sets a pattern of events in motion that we will never fully become aware of. We do something that we deem simple, yet it holds within it, the potential to make a substantive impact in the life of someone else. Our actions are tiny pebbles being tossed into the vast ocean of humanity. They create ripples that continue to reverberate throughout, bouncing off other similarly small ripples, changing the nature of existence as it is.

Negativity begets negativity. When we encounter someone, who is tossing pebbles of negativity into the waters around them, it sets a tone. We pick up on and are subjected to their nature. A snide remark, a derogatory or judgmental comment, a hostile stare, or some other unspoken gesture have the ability to impact how we feel. We could have been riding a high wave of humanity, but this chance encounter has impacted our being. These actions elicit different feelings and responses within us, altering our present composition. From here, we are faced with a choice. Do we choose to embody this negativity and continue to perpetuate its existence, further spreading it throughout? Or, do we let it pass through us, double down on who we are, and get back to living life at a different, more positive frequency?

How we choose to respond in these situations and the path we take forward in these moments not only sets our internal tone, it alters and impacts the tone of those around us. When someone casts their spell of negativity on us, we can be momentarily altered. Through our awareness however, we have the ability to act; no longer being subjected to the situation as a leaf in the wind. No one enjoys or prefers negative encounters but carrying them with us beyond their cessation does not serve us. It only increases the weight of the load we are carrying, making our journey all the more arduous. Conversely, when our actions are pure, stemming from a positive outlook and orientation, we have the ability to alter the perpetuation of negativity. In simply taking a few seconds of our time to hold the door for someone several paces behind, then greeting them with a smile, we hold the ability to alter their frequency. They could be engrossed within a difficult time of life raining negativity upon them, and this simple action could be the singular one that restores their faith in humanity. We will never know, as we have zero ability to weigh the impact of our actions. They are ripples in an ocean we will never see the horizon of. The ramifications of our actions extend well beyond our ability to comprehend.

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