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Mindful Mondays:

Updated: Jan 31, 2018

16 years ago today, all of our lives were forever altered. 9-11 had a far reaching effect, which is still being felt to this day. One thing it did, was to unify our Country in a way that is sorely missed today. 9-11 reminded us, we’re all the same. Tragedy does not discriminate nor did those who perpetrated the events then or similar events now. With the passage of time, this invaluable lesson slipped our collective conscience. Our mentality becoming ‘me’ vice ‘we’. As innumerable members of our Nation have set a course for Houston, Texas or the greater state of Florida these past days, we’re experiencing a microcosm of connectedness once again. Ideally, it doesn’t take a cataclysmic event for us to come together. We’re unequivocally better together than alone. Opportunities present themselves every day, we just may not notice as we’ve become more digitally distracted. Take a couple opportunities this week to put your phone away and be present in the moment you’re in. When you have the ability to hold a door open, or greet a stranger passing by with a smile, take it. You’ll bring some much needed sunshine into their potentially otherwise dreary day. Restore someone’s faith in humanity and let it resinate within. Be the instrument of change you wish to see in this world and you’ll find it.

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