• Tommy

Mindful Mondays:

Have you unknowingly fallen into a daily routine? Same breakfast, same route to work and radio station, same lunch, same route home and radio station, same comfy clothes, same dinner, same couch cushion? Routines lead to complacency. We go on autopilot, coasting through our day, never really being present where we’re at. Routines have a significant impact on our mindset. Monotony fails to spark the current of creativity and it tends to suppress positivity. While adaptation and variance lead to growth in both our physical and mental performance. Challenge yourself to snap out of any routines you’ve formed. Fuel up in the morning on something different, take a new route to or from the office and find inspiration in the new views, try a thought provoking podcast in lieu of the mind numbing radio, trade in the couch cushion for an evening date with nature.

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