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Leadership Development

"Learning is like rowing upstream. If you stop, you get pushed backwards."

- Lao-Tzu

Job title, education, and experience are not an equivalence of ability. Paper tigers elevated to the wrong positions have disastrous overall consequences, as they sow the seeds of division, dissent, and despondence on their path of mediocrity. One poorly placed or ill equipped leader, at any level, can monumentally set an organization back, halting its growth, but more importantly, destroying its morale.  

Tommy sees leadership as a privilege. It is not a right. Nor is it something to be taken lightly. Leadership means caring more for those you have the opportunity of leading than caring about yourself or the furtherance of your ambitions. It means doing right by those that will ultimately be responsible for any objectives you collectively reach. No one does it alone. Every summit reached, took a multitude of porters. Leadership also means shouldering the responsibility when something does not go as planned. In short, leadership is accepting sole responsibility for any shortcomings while in the next breath, passing along the credit for all accomplishments to those whose work set the conditions.  

Tommy imbues those in leadership positions to maximize their innate strengths, enhancing their ability at effectively leading their teams while increasing their sphere of influence for the betterment of the organization. Distinguished organizations are an aggregate of ethical individuals who possess a diverse array of skills and characteristics galvanized by inspirational leaders. A selfless leader who provides the proper guidance to a highly functional and efficient team, creates the opportunity to shatter any preconceived notion of what was capable.


-  Self-Awareness  -  Emotional Intelligence  -  Listening Skills  -  Communication  -  Trust  -  Integrity  -  Humility  -  Decision Making Ability  -  Goal Setting  -  Selflessness  -   

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