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Performance Coaching

"Healthy mind in a healthy body."

- Plato

Peak performance across every endeavor begins with awareness. We are unable to make any changes in our mindset, our behaviors, or our physical practices until we are aware there is something we want to work on. Tommy’s approach is centered around developing and honing our awareness. Ultimately, working to be more present in the moment. This is where we hold the ability to affect the change we seek. Integrating our awareness into every aspect of our approach, creates synergy within. Moving in this direction, Tommy emphasizes a combination of mental and behavioral skills, enabling individuals to maximize their overall performance within their chosen endeavor. Ultimately, helping them to find the results they are seeking.


- Anxiety - Awareness - Communication  -  Confidence  -  Control  -  Focus  -  Goal Setting  -  Motivation  - Perceptions - Relaxation  -  Visualization Skills -

-  Athletes  -  Executives  -  Professionals  -  Individuals Seeking Change  -

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